Randy Travis' Acting Career: Roles and Performances.

Randy Travis, primarily known for his legendary country music career, also ventured into acting. While his acting career wasn't as extensive as his music career, he did have several notable roles and performances:

In this film directed by Francis Ford Coppola, Travis played the role of Billy Porter, a man who is terminally ill and sues an insurance company for refusing to pay for his medical treatment.

Travis appeared in this action film alongside Patrick Swayze. He played the character Earl, a truck driver and friend of the protagonist, who gets caught up in a dangerous smuggling operation.

Travis made a guest appearance in the popular TV series "Touched by an Angel." He appeared in the episode titled "Crisis of Faith," playing the character Wayne Tuttle. His performance was well-received by fans of the show.

Travis had a supporting role in this Western film, which also starred James Van Der Beek and Dylan McDermott. He played a character named Frank Bones, a member of the Texas Rangers.

In this Christian drama film, Travis played the character Michael Steele, a successful businessman who faces a crisis of faith. The film explores themes of redemption and spiritual struggle, and Travis's performance was praised for its sincerity.

Travis appeared in this Christian thriller film based on the novel by John Hagee. He played the character Marcus, a CIA agent. While the film received mixed reviews, Travis's performance was noted for adding depth to his character.

While Randy Travis's acting career may not have been as extensive as his music career, he showcased his talent and versatility in various roles across film and television.