Rate Elliott's impact on team performance.

Elliott has consistently provided the Cowboys with a powerful and reliable rushing attack. His ability to gain yards after contact and break big plays has made the running game a focal point of the Cowboys' offense. 

 His presence in the backfield has helped create a balanced offensive approach. Defenses have to respect Elliott's running ability, which opens up opportunities for the passing game, benefiting quarterbacks like Dak Prescott.

 Elliott's effectiveness on the ground has allowed the Cowboys to control the clock. Sustaining long drives has kept the opposing offense off the field, contributing to better overall team performance and a more rested defense.

Elliott's ability to score touchdowns and gain tough yards in the red zone has improved the Cowboys' efficiency in scoring situations. His presence as a scoring threat has made the team more effective in converting red zone opportunities into points. 

Elliott's strong running game has made the Cowboys' play-action passes more effective. Defenses often bite on run fakes, creating better passing lanes and opportunities for big plays downfield. 

Beyond his on-field contributions, Elliott has been a key figure in the locker room. His work ethic and competitive nature have set a positive example for teammates, contributing to team morale and cohesion. 

Opposing teams have to game plan specifically to stop Elliott, often stacking the box to limit his yardage. This defensive focus on Elliott has created opportunities for other players to exploit less attention in their matchups. 

During periods of quarterback injuries or inconsistency, Elliott's performance has provided a stabilizing influence. His ability to carry the offensive load in challenging times has been crucial in maintaining the team's competitiveness.