Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Launches Mobile AI Era

The Galaxy S24 Ultra, S24+, and S24 give users unprecedented mobile experiences with Galaxy AI, according to Samsung.

1 Galaxy S series ushers in a new age that will transform mobile device empowerment. AI enhances nearly every experience on Galaxy S24 series, from barrier-free communication

 with intelligent text and call translations to creative freedom with Galaxy's ProVisual Engine to a new search standard that will change how Galaxy users discover the world.

“The Galaxy S24 series transforms our connection with the world and ignites the next decade of mobile innovation,” said Samsung Electronics President and Head of Mobile eXperience (MX) Business TM Roh. 

Galaxy AI relies on our innovation background and extensive understanding of phone use. We love seeing how Galaxy AI empowers our customers worldwide to create new possibilities in their daily lives.”

Create Everyday Moments Epic Galaxy AI enhances essential phone functions, like communication, with significant intelligence. Galaxy S24 makes eliminating linguistic barriers easier than ever. 

Talk to an international student or colleague. Vacationing abroad? Make a reservation. Live Translate2 provides two-way, real-time speech and text translations of phone calls in the native app.

No third-party applications needed, and on-device AI keeps discussions confidential. Live discussions can be instantaneously translated on a split-screen using Interpreter so persons opposite each other may read a written transcription. It operates without Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Chat Assist can improve conversational tones for messages and other apps, such as a courteous message to a coworker or a snappy social media caption.

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