Samsung releases the Galaxy S24, which comes with Google AI

In a multi-year relationship, Samsung and Google Cloud equipped the Galaxy S24 smartphone with GenAI from the hyperscaler.

At Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2024, AI features and Galaxy S24 smartphones were introduced. The South Korean smartphone manufacturer previewed AI throughout its products earlier this year.

Samsung will be the first Google Cloud partner to use Gemini Pro on Vertex AI when Galaxy S24 phones launch in weeks.

In late 2023, Google introduced its Gemini AI family of large language models (LLMs) and Vertex AI, a machine learning platform that uses bespoke tools to generate new use cases quicker.

Gemini Pro lets Galaxy S24 users employ summarization and categorization in Samsung programs including Notes, Voice Recorder, and Keyboard.

The businesses said Gemini can generalize, interpret, operate, and mix text, code, pictures, and video.

Google's Imagen 2 GenAI picture technology will enable inpainting, outpainting, and composite editing in the Gallery app.

Google said Imagen 2 is their most advanced text-to-image diffusion technique. Developed by Google DeepMind.

Smartphones will receive Gemini and Imagen 2 over the cloud. Google's biggest sophisticated model, Gemini Ultra, will be tested by Samsung.

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