Sasha Obama Is Very Tall and Dresses Like an Adult, But Some People Aren't Ready

Sasha Obama, just seven years old when she moved into the White House with her family after her father, Barack Obama, became the first Black president of the United States in 2008, has grown up under the public eye.

Alongside her older sister Malia, she gracefully navigated the spotlight, accompanying her parents on Air Force One, enjoying family vacations, and bonding with the former First Dog, Bo.

Since graduating from the University of Southern California (USC) in 2023, Sasha has been residing in the Los Angeles area with her sister, Malia, striving to maintain a low profile.

However, despite her efforts, the internet seems unable to resist scrutinizing her every move, from her choice of attire to her normal young adult activities.

In September 2023, she made headlines for attending a Labor Day Party in L.A., where her outfit, described as a "barely-there, colorful bikini top" by Page Six, sparked controversy, especially when coupled with a photo of her smoking.

Recently, while spotted at an airport in Los Angeles after arriving from New York, media outlets again focused on her tall stature and choice of clothing, emphasizing her "statuesque physique."

Despite wearing a black cropped tee, baggy grey sweatpants, and a Telfar bag, some critics zeroed in on her affinity for crop tops.

It's understandable that people might be surprised or caught off guard when they see Sasha Obama growing up and asserting her personal style.