Some of the characteristics that men search for in a partner that they want the most

What features in women attract a man seeking for a marriage is obvious. Over the years, men have grown to desire more than fidelity and compassion.

Research suggests males seeking a life mate go beyond housewife traits. Therefore, these are the top wife qualities men seek.

Men may seek emotionally, physically, and financially dependent women. Men expect their wives to help with domestic chores now that they are not the only breadwinners.

Immature ladies turn me off. Men envision marriage with an emotionally developed lady. Someone who can't make tough selections at marriageable age isn't a good prospect.

Men like smart, well-educated women. They prefer women with successful occupations, education, and skills beyond the home.

Who doesn't want their lover and themselves to be party animals? Men adore women who can converse freely and fit in with any group of friends. Men adore showing off their woman who can talk anywhere, anytime.

Men desire health-conscious wives. Exercise, running, and yoga are common methods to stay fit and healthy in a busy modern life for spouses.

Men love wives who are dedicated about their goals. If men wish to pursue their aspirations, they should support their wives. He wants his partner to be as ambitious as him—if not more!

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