Take a look at Urías' pitching repertoire and the pitches he used the most.

 Urías primarily relies on his four-seam fastball, which averages around 93-95 mph but can reach up to 97 mph. The pitch has good life and late movement, making it difficult for batters to square up. Its velocity and movement allow him to challenge hitters up in the zone, generating swings and misses and weak contact.

 One of Urías's signature pitches is his curveball. It is a true 12-6 curve with a sharp downward break, typically thrown in the mid-to-high 70s. The curveball is particularly effective because of its significant velocity difference from his fastball and its late, deceptive drop, which often leaves batters swinging over the top.

Urías’s changeup is another crucial part of his arsenal, thrown in the low-to-mid 80s. It features excellent arm-side fade and sink, making it highly effective against right-handed hitters. The changeup’s effectiveness comes from his ability to maintain the same arm speed as his fastball, adding to its deception. 

 Urías also incorporates a slider into his repertoire, which he throws in the mid-80s. The slider has a shorter, tighter break compared to his curveball and serves as a complementary pitch to his fastball and curve. It is particularly useful for generating swings and misses against left-handed hitters.  

Urías's ability to mix and sequence his pitches keeps hitters off balance. He effectively uses his fastball to set up his off-speed pitches, often working ahead in the count to put batters in a defensive position. His changeup and curveball are particularly effective when thrown after fastballs, exploiting timing and eye level.

 A key aspect of Urías’s success is his control and command. He consistently throws strikes and works the corners of the plate, minimizing free passes. His ability to locate his pitches effectively allows him to exploit hitters' weaknesses and induce weak contact.

Urías has shown the ability to adapt his approach based on game situations and hitter tendencies. He can adjust his pitch mix depending on the batter's strengths and weaknesses, making him a versatile and unpredictable pitcher. 

Despite his relatively young age, Urías pitches with maturity and poise. He maintains composure in high-pressure situations, which enhances the effectiveness of his pitches. This mental toughness allows him to execute his pitches with precision, especially in crucial moments.