Talk about his place in the Dodgers' starting lineup.

Urías has often been considered the ace or one of the top pitchers in the Dodgers' starting rotation. His consistent performance and ability to handle high-pressure situations make him a cornerstone of the pitching staff. 

As a left-handed pitcher, Urías provides a valuable counterbalance in a rotation that includes right-handed pitchers. His ability to neutralize left-handed batters and create matchup problems for opposing lineups adds strategic depth to the rotation.

Urías has proven to be a clutch performer in the postseason, delivering key starts and relief appearances. His versatility and composure in high-stakes games have been crucial for the Dodgers' playoff success, including their 2020 World Series victory. 

Over the course of the regular season, Urías has demonstrated the ability to pitch deep into games. This helps to preserve the bullpen and provide stability to the team, which is essential over a 162-game season. 

Urías possesses a strong strikeout capability, consistently ranking among the team leaders in strikeouts. His repertoire of pitches, including a devastating curveball and an effective fastball, makes him a dominant force on the mound. 

While early in his career Urías faced some injury challenges, he has since established himself as a durable and reliable starter. His ability to stay healthy and maintain performance throughout the season is a critical asset for the Dodgers. 

 Urías, having been with the Dodgers for several years, provides leadership and mentorship to younger pitchers on the staff. His experience and success offer valuable guidance and inspiration to emerging talent within the organization.

Urías's versatility is a significant advantage for the Dodgers. He has the ability to start games or come out of the bullpen as needed. This flexibility allows the Dodgers to utilize him in various roles depending on team needs and game situations, making him an indispensable part of their pitching strategy.