The acting career of Randy Travis, including his roles and performances.

Randy Travis, in addition to his illustrious music career, has also had a notable presence in the acting world. Here are some of the key roles and performances that highlight his acting career: 

Randy Travis appeared in the popular TV legal drama "Matlock," playing the character Billy Wheeler in five episodes. His role as a country singer who often finds himself in legal trouble showcased his acting talents and was well-received by fans of the show. 

In this legal drama film directed by Francis Ford Coppola, Travis played the role of Billy Porter, a client seeking justice in a high-stakes insurance case. His performance in this movie demonstrated his ability to handle serious and dramatic roles. 

Randy Travis guest-starred in several episodes of this popular television series, often portraying characters who are helped by the show's angels.  

In this action-packed film, Travis played the character Earl, a trucker who gets caught up in a dangerous mission. Starring alongside Patrick Swayze, Travis brought authenticity and grit to his role, contributing to the film's dynamic ensemble cast. 

This western film featured Randy Travis in the role of Frank Bones. Set in post-Civil War Texas, the film follows a group of rangers tasked with bringing order to the wild frontier. Travis' performance added to the film's rugged and historical ambiance. 

In this western drama, Travis took on the lead role of Jack Fowler, a man seeking redemption and justice after a troubled past. His portrayal of the protagonist highlighted his ability to carry a film as the central character. 

Randy Travis' acting career, though secondary to his music career, has been marked by a diverse array of roles across television and film. His performances have spanned genres from legal dramas and action films to westerns and holiday movies, demonstrating his versatility and appeal as an actor.