The fact that your best friend is in love with you may be inferred from seven different signs.

Your lover may be your best friend. Doing things backwards may seem odd. Friendship begins platonically. Two people share interests and worldviews, not romantic expectations, anxieties, or trust difficulties. Shared views and experiences can lead to love. Many people love their best friend even if they never marry. And why not? Your memories and life tales are great. These 7 signs your best friend loves you might help you detect a commitment.

enjoyable and games are always more enjoyable with a best buddy. Changing their behavior to be more romantic and loving is an indication they've fallen for you. Expressing affection and warmth is not what a friend would do, and you can tell.

The most clichéd indicator that someone is falling in love with you or already is. Seeing or catching your best friend staring at you means they're thinking about you. Another clue that they adore you but are scared to say so.

Do you find your companion especially attentive and sincere? If so, they've fallen for you again. Friends always support each other, but this unique friend will go the additional mile to delight and make you happy. They'll listen carefully and meet your needs.

Jealousy is prevalent and may affect anybody, regardless of relationship. My buddy, if your pal gets jealous when someone flirts or hits on you, it is love.

Haven't we all experienced that period where we judge our looks and conduct around our crush? If your best friend loves you, they will act that way around you.

Friends talk about love, hidden admirers, new crushes, etc. If your best buddy is silent and just talks about you, they are crushing on you.

Having a long conversation with friends won't seem odd. If your closest buddy is working hard and inventing weird reasons to spend time with you alone, they're on to something. Why else would they sacrifice spare time for you?

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