The following are five traits of the personality of a lousy partner! Do you know who you are?

We tend to misjudge our love connection as being too excellent or too compatible due to our ostentatious qualities. Even if that might not be true, a lot of people think that way.

Many things are assumed by us without taking into account the emotions of our significant other, and as a result, we continue to live a lie while our partners are in uncomfortable situations.

You must know when you're incorrect and where to draw the line. These indicators may convince you otherwise if you still think you're a nice spouse and trying to improve your relationship.

If you quarrel with your partner about little issues and criticize them for every relationship mistake, you're a lousy partner. Relationships thrive on making errors and fixing them together. Constantly bugging your partner for the same increases resentment.

Relationships improve best via communication. If you’re someone who regularly suppresses your emotions and hides your feeling from your partner, then you’re definitely not a good partner. You contribute to an unhealthy relationship that will burst soon.

Every relationship relies on trust and commitment. If you invade your partner's space and follow them about even during their personal time, you may not make them feel comfortable. They may feel untrustworthy, which may upset and frustrate them.

Do you always suggest splitting up during an argument? Then you're a terrible companion. Being in a relationship requires patience and tolerance. You can't improve your relationship without these two traits.

A good partner always supports and admires their mate. If you advise your spouse to get over their troubles in times of anguish and misery, you don't deserve them for life. Besides that, you may not love them sufficiently.

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