These value stocks provide 7%+ sustainable yields.

As the Fed strives to lower inflation and interest rates in 2024, value stocks are rising. In high inflation, investors choose value stocks because they are less influenced by high interest rates than growth stocks, which suffer from the high cost of lending during expansion. This makes value companies' current earnings better than growth stocks' future earnings.

The Fed is signaling that it will keep interest rates high until inflation drops to 2%, making value equities the best investments today. Below are the top dividend-paying value stocks with yields above 7% to purchase in May 2024.

Altria Group, Inc. (NYSE:MO), the world's second-largest tobacco corporation, is our top value investment with high yields and an excellent dividend history. Due to recession fears and its recession-proof products, the stock is performing strongly in May 2024. Since 1952, Altria Group has been among the S&P 500's highest dividend-paying stocks, yielding 8.46% annually.  

Warren Buffet recommends Ares Capital Corporation (NASDAQ:ARCC), another high-yield value stock. Today's most successful value investor is Buffet. Ares Capital has paid rising dividends for 13 years and pays 8.95% annually. Ares Capital, which finances middle-market companies, performs best in high-interest rates.  

Diversify With High-Yield Options These value equities offer excellent dividends, but investors should also examine high-return, diversified assets. EquityMultiple offers Arrived Private Credit Fund and Basecamp Alpine Notes.  

The Arrived Private Credit Fund simplifies short-term real estate financing and offers competitive yields on quality residential real estate. This fund complements equities investing with target annualized distributions of 7-9%, quarterly liquidity, and a diversified pool of real estate-backed loans.  

Basecamp Alpine Notes from EquityMultiple are another powerful short-term cash management tool with a $1,000 minimum investment and a 9.00% goal APY over three months. Investors seeking income should consider these notes due to their high liquidity, attractive rates, and compounding interest. First-time EquityMultiple investors can take advantage of Basecamp Alpine Notes' advantageous conditions as a special offer.  

Finally, value equities like Altria Group and Ares Capital Corporation offer sustainable yields above 7%, but investors should also investigate high-yield alternatives like EquityMultiple's Arrived Private Credit Fund and Basecamp Alpine Notes. A mix of value equities and alternative assets can make your income generation more resilient and balanced in any market.