This is a film series that is called Boogeyman Chronicles: J Wick's.

"John Wick: The Boogeyman Chronicles" follows the legendary assassin, John Wick, as he navigates a labyrinth of vengeance and redemption.  

Set in the enigmatic underworld of global assassins, the story delves deeper into Wick's origins, exploring the events that transformed him from a grieving husband into the most feared hitman in the criminal world. 

Haunted by the memory of his lost wife, Helen, Wick is drawn back into the violent life he once left behind.  

The chronicles unravel his complex relationships with allies and enemies, painting a vivid picture of loyalty and betrayal.  

Each chapter reveals the intricate codes and traditions of the assassin society, governed by the High Table, and introduces new adversaries who challenge Wick's unparalleled skills and relentless resolve. 

The narrative seamlessly blends high-octane action with moments of introspection, showcasing Wick's internal struggle as he grapples with his identity and purpose.  

As he battles through waves of foes, from shadowy assassins to formidable crime lords, Wick's legend grows, cementing his status as the Boogeyman. 

"John Wick: The Boogeyman Chronicles" is a gripping tale of relentless pursuit and survival, where every bullet fired and every punch thrown brings Wick closer to either his demise or his ultimate redemption.