This list includes A Rodgers' top passes, including the Hail Mary.

"Master of the Hail Mary: Aaron Rodgers' Greatest Throws" delves into the awe-inspiring moments when Aaron Rodgers showcased his mastery of the most improbable play in football.  

Time and again, Rodgers has defied logic and stunned opponents with his uncanny ability to convert desperate situations into miraculous touchdowns. 

From his pinpoint accuracy to his knack for extending plays with his mobility, Rodgers' Hail Mary throws have become legendary in the NFL.  

Perhaps none are more iconic than his game-winning heaves against the Detroit Lions in 2015 and the New York Giants in the 2016 playoffs, where he threaded the needle amidst a sea of defenders to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. 

On the other hand, Rodgers' gift is not limited to her ability to perform the Hail Mary and other religious recitations.  

Whether evading pressure in the pocket or launching a missile downfield on the run, his arm talent and football IQ have redefined the parameters of what is possible for a quarterback. 

Each Hail Mary toss represents not only Rodgers' physical gifts but also his unshakeable confidence and belief in his team's ability to succeed against all odds. 

As fans hold their breath and opponents tremble in anticipation, Rodgers stands as the undisputed master of the Hail Mary, etching his name in NFL folklore with each breathtaking throw.