"Too country" was Lainey Wilson for Nashville. They had an epiphany.

Nashville initially viewed Lainey Wilson as "too country," with her authentic Southern sound differing from the mainstream trends of the time. 

In an industry often focused on polished and commercialized sounds, Wilson's raw, traditional style initially faced skepticism from Nashville executives and producers. 

However, Nashville eventually had an epiphany, realizing that Wilson's unapologetic country authenticity was not a liability but rather her greatest strength. 

Wilson's distinctive voice and songwriting resonated with audiences who craved genuine storytelling and heartfelt emotion in their music. 

The industry's perception shifted as they recognized the value of Wilson's authenticity and the connection it forged with listeners. 

Instead of conforming to industry norms, Nashville began to embrace Wilson's unique style, recognizing it as a refreshing departure from the mainstream. 

Wilson's success paved the way for other artists with similar rootsy sounds, inspiring a resurgence of interest in traditional country music within the Nashville scene. 

Ultimately, Nashville celebrated Lainey Wilson's "too country" identity as a testament to the rich heritage and diversity of country music, proving that authenticity knows no bounds.