Urías's function on the Dodgers' pitching staff

Julio Urías primarily serves as a starting pitcher in the Dodgers' rotation. He typically takes the mound every fifth game, providing stability and consistency to the starting rotation.

Urías is regarded as one of the Dodgers' top starting pitchers and serves as a left-handed ace in the rotation. His ability to neutralize both left-handed and right-handed hitters makes him a valuable asset to the team.

Urías has proven capable of pitching deep into games, often logging significant innings for the Dodgers. His durability and stamina allow him to give the bullpen much-needed rest and help preserve the team's bullpen arms.

Urías has earned a reputation as a big-game pitcher, excelling in high-pressure situations and postseason games. His ability to rise to the occasion and deliver clutch performances has made him a trusted arm in critical moments.

While primarily a starter, Urías has also demonstrated versatility by pitching in relief when needed. He has seamlessly transitioned between starting and relieving roles, showcasing his adaptability and willingness to contribute in various situations.

Urías serves as a key anchor in the Dodgers' pitching rotation, providing stability and leadership to the younger pitchers on the staff. His experience and success at the major league level set a standard for excellence within the rotation.

As a young pitcher, Urías continues to develop and refine his craft in the Dodgers' rotation. His growth and improvement each season indicate his potential to become an even more dominant force on the mound in the years to come.

Urías's role in the Dodgers' rotation extends beyond the current season, as he figures prominently in the team's long-term plans. His presence ensures continuity and consistency in the rotation, providing a solid foundation for sustained success.