Vice President Harris is ‘scared as heck’ Trump may win.

Washington — Vice President Kamala Harris said she's “scared as heck” Donald Trump may win another term and promised a vigorous fight to stop him.

She made the statements Wednesday on ABC's “The View” in response to Joy Behar's inquiry. Top Democrats including former President Barack Obama and Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina are concerned about President Joe Biden's reelection campaign, Behar said.

When asked about another Trump presidency, Harris answered, “I am scared as heck! I tour our nation because of that. The proverb is that you can only run for office without an opponent or terrified. We should be frightened on all those points.”

Harris said terror should motivate the campaign. “Do we stay in bed with the covers over when we are scared for our children's future?” she asked. “No, we cannot.” Harris said, “We must earn reelection. Without a doubt. We must travel.”

Wisconsin, a battleground state, will host the vice president's abortion events. Monday, the 51st anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court ruling protecting abortion, will begin events.

Alyssa Griffin, a former Trump communications adviser and Trump critic, questioned Harris on why Biden has behind his predecessor in several surveys “What does it say that the party is struggling to compete with an unfit man who is likely going to jail?” questioned Griffin, another “The View” anchor.

Harris said Americans are “beginning to narrow in on what this election will mean” after ignoring politics. She depicted “competence versus chaos” as a fight for American democracy

This is going to be the split screen,” Harris added. I believe the American people will vote for what is best for our country and our children.

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