Walk us through his signing with the Dodgers.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have a well-established scouting presence in Latin America, particularly in Mexico. They frequently send scouts to evaluate young talent in the region, and Julio Urías came onto their radar during these scouting missions. 

Urías caught the attention of the Dodgers during a showcase event in Mexico. These events allow young prospects to demonstrate their skills in front of international scouts. Urías' impressive pitching performance, featuring his left-handed delivery, velocity, and control, stood out to the Dodgers' scouts. 

After observing Urías' potential, the Dodgers' scouting team expressed strong interest in the young pitcher. They saw his talent as exceptional for his age and believed he had the potential to develop into a major league-caliber player. 

Urías was playing for the Diablos Rojos del México in the Mexican League. The Dodgers entered into negotiations with the Diablos Rojos to secure Urías' rights. This involved discussing transfer terms and a signing bonus, which are common practices when acquiring international talent. 

On August 12, 2012, which was Urías' 16th birthday, the Dodgers finalized the signing agreement. They secured his rights with a reported signing bonus of $450,000, a significant investment that reflected their confidence in his potential. 

Following the signing, the Dodgers assisted Urías with the necessary paperwork, including obtaining a work visa, to enable him to move to the United States and join the team's minor league system. Relocating to a new country at a young age was a significant step for Urías, and the Dodgers provided support to ease his transition. 

Once signed, the Dodgers outlined a comprehensive development plan for Urías. This plan included physical training, pitching mechanics refinement, and mental conditioning to prepare him for the rigors of professional baseball. 

Urías was integrated into the Dodgers' minor league system, starting with their rookie league team. He quickly advanced through the ranks due to his exceptional performance, which included maintaining a low ERA and high strikeout rates, demonstrating that the Dodgers' investment in him was well-founded.