Wall Street Analysts Expect Annovis Bio (ANVS) to Rise 197.98%: How to trade

Annovis Bio, Inc. (ANVS) shares have gained 0.9% in four weeks to $11.88, but Wall Street analysts' short-term price forecasts suggest the company might still rise. The mean price objective of $35.40 suggests a 198% upside.

The mean estimate has five short-term price predictions with a $22.13 standard deviation. The most enthusiastic expert predicts the stock to rise 506.1% to $72, while the lowest forecast of $13 is a 9.4% increase. The standard deviation is crucial to understanding estimate variability. The lower the standard deviation, the more analysts agree.

Investors value the consensus price estimate, but analysts' ability and impartiality in formulating it have long been questioned. Using this tool alone to invest may be a mistake.

For ANVS, a high average price objective is not the only sign of upside. This perspective is supported by analysts' consensus that the company will produce better earnings than expected. Positive earnings estimate revisions don't predict stock gains, but they can signal an upside.

Analyst Price Targets: What You Need to Know Researchers at numerous colleges worldwide say a price objective is one of many stock information items that misleads investors more often than it guides. Empirical study reveals that price goals issued by multiple analysts, regardless of agreement, rarely predict stock prices.

Wall Street analysts know a company's fundamentals and its sensitivity to economic and industry challenges, but many set unrealistic price goals. Do you wonder why? They frequently do it to boost interest in shares of companies with which their company do business or want to do business. Analysts typically create inflated price targets due to business motives of organizations covering a stock.

However, a low standard deviation and tight clustering of price goals imply that analysts agree on a stock's price direction and magnitude. That doesn't indicate the stock will meet the average price objective, but it could be an excellent beginning place for fundamental driving factor analysis. While investors shouldn't ignore price objectives, relying primarily on them could lead to poor ROI. Price targets should always be taken with a grain of salt.

Why ANVS May Grow The stock may rise when analysts agree to raise EPS predictions, indicating their excitement about the company's profits prospects. Earnings estimate revision trends strongly correlate with near-term stock price changes, according to empirical studies. The Zacks Consensus Estimate for the current year has increased 3.9% in the last 30 days due to two higher estimates and no lower estimates.

ANVS has a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy), placing it in the top 20% of more than 4,000 stocks ranked on four earnings estimate variables. This supports the stock's near-term gain given its strong externally verified track record.  The consensus price goal may not be a trustworthy measure of ANVS's potential gain, but its implied price movement appears to be.