What happened after his 2016 NFL Draft selection?

Ezekiel Elliott was selected 4th overall by the Dallas Cowboys in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft. This high selection underscored his value as one of the top prospects in the draft. 

Leading up to the draft, Elliott was widely regarded as the best running back available. His impressive college career, particularly his performance in big games, had scouts and analysts projecting him as a potential top-10 pick.

The Cowboys selected Elliott with the expectation that he would have an immediate impact. The team needed a strong running game to complement their offensive line and support quarterback Tony Romo. 

Cowboys fans were largely excited about the pick. Many believed that Elliott's addition would rejuvenate the team's offense, which had struggled with injuries and inconsistent play in previous seasons. 

The media response was overwhelmingly positive. Analysts praised the Cowboys for choosing a player who was seen as NFL-ready and capable of making a significant impact from day one. Elliott's combination of speed, power, and versatility was highlighted as a perfect fit for Dallas. 

The Cowboys' front office, including owner Jerry Jones and head coach Jason Garrett, expressed confidence in Elliott's abilities. They emphasized that his selection was part of a strategy to build a balanced and potent offensive attack. 

Elliott himself expressed excitement and readiness to join the Cowboys. He was enthusiastic about the opportunity to play behind Dallas' highly regarded offensive line and looked forward to contributing to the team's success. 

There were high expectations for Elliott's rookie season. He was seen as a leading candidate for Offensive Rookie of the Year and was expected to become a key piece of the Cowboys' offensive strategy, aiming to return the team to playoff contention.