What you should never, ever, ever send to your ex-partner via text message

No doubt, breakups are hard. During emotional stress, you want talking to your ex. That won't solve your post-breakup mental concerns, though. However, before messaging your ex, you should know what not to say.

Say your ex broke up and you want them back. Your ex doesn't miss you yet. They're glad you're not together. Texting your ex that you miss them shows you want them back. It may seem like a wonderful gesture to melt their heart, but it will simply drive them away.

In fact, anything like this is forbidden. You're showing your ex you're too interested in them after you split up. Don't put them in a bind by saying or asking if they love you. Give them space to decide if they still want you.

Very awful concept. You don't want to be friends with your ex shortly after breaking up. You desire a romantic relationship with them again. Your ex won't invite you "as friends" right now. And if you want your ex back, don't friendzone yourself.

Trying to make your ex feel sorry for? You're showing your ex that you're lost without them by stating you're miserable and lonely. You need to stop contacting them, get back on track, and then decide what you want.

It's normal to feel hurt when an ex breaks up with you. Sending a text message expressing total sorrow about being in a relationship with them is, however, unacceptable. If you're attempting to convince them out of it out of guilt, it won't work.

If you want to make your ex-boyfriend feel envious of your new partner, you should know that this says very little about you. It is acceptable to feel a little bit of envy, but it is not acceptable to put someone down by comparing them to someone else.

Any time you let your ex know that they have had such a significant impact on your life, you are giving them the key to your life. You don't want to give them the impression that they have full power over you, do you? By claiming that they crushed your heart, you are only wasting any opportunity to be perceived by your ex-partner as a person of great worth.

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