Why Shanahan believes 49ers' hiatus won't affect Purdy in playoffs

Purdy's game against the Packers won't be affected by the 49ers' two-week hiatus. Purdy worked from the practice field to the meeting room and back during San Francisco's regular-season finale and first-round playoff bye while dynamic Packers quarterback Jordan Love threw for 272 yards and three touchdowns against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

The 49ers quarterback hasn't had two free weeks, assuring coach Kyle Shanahan that a fresh and prepared Purdy would play at Levi's Stadium on Saturday against the Packers.

Since he hasn't had a bye week, I don't think about it. Shanahan told reporters after practice Tuesday that Brock is pushed by meetings and practice. We knew Sam [Darnold] was playing the full game against the Los Angeles Rams, and Brock was still sharing reps with him.

Brock had a good weekend. We don't want him in the first half of the game. He missed the first half against the Rams but got the weekend. He returned and is here. On days off, he worked. We had two larger practices than usual last week.

Brock went out with the boys on Monday and did a lot of work with them, so we'll have two practices in again. He had two quarters off. We could have done more with him, but we think it was worth it, and I don't worry about Brock on Saturday."

The 49ers' bye week rejuvenated them, with Purdy returning from inactivity with three touchdowns in a 34-3 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. After a three-game losing run, the 49ers won eight of their last nine regular-season games.

Despite not playing in the 49ers' season finale versus the Rams, Purdy arrived at Levi's Stadium 4 1/2 hours early and completed a thorough workout before kickoff.

Purdy's record-setting season, work ethic, and talent may explain why Shanahan doesn't worry about his quarterback's two-week on-field hiatus.

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