Will NFL, Roger Goodell lawsuit prevent Saints from signing Jon Gruden?

Former NFL head coaches like Brian Flores are suing the league. Jon Gruden has one. With rumors that Gruden might join the Saints as offensive coordinator, the league may try to stop it.

The NFL should not crush the Saints. This would warrant a second lawsuit. A current or former employee's decision to suit usually cannot be used against them.

We reported that the league did not object to the Saints hiring Gruden as a consultant. Since the Saints may hire Gruden full-time, the league won't keep mute.

Gruden's complaint appears more personal than Flores' race discrimination claim, which hasn't stopped him from becoming a defensive coordinator. He claims Commissioner Roger Goodell leaked sensitive Washington investigation communications to different media sources to remove Gruden.

Gruden got what he deserved, in theory. However, selectively weaponizing a few emails from 650,000 papers that reflect negatively on many more individuals than Gruden is wrong. Gruden's case, like Flores', is static. Last Monday, the Nevada Supreme Court considered whether Gruden's complaint would be heard in open court or arbitrated.

The Nevada Supreme Court Chief Justice asked the NFL's attorneys during oral arguments: "To have a dispute with somebody who is the one deciding the dispute -- seems like there might be a problem."

There is an issue. A major issue. The NFL has hidden an issue for years by creating a secret, rigged kangaroo court where the Commissioner or his designee decides disputes involving the Commissioner, the league, and/or its franchises. We should all be judges or nominate judges in our own legal conflicts.

We'll see whether the NFL succeeds again. We'll probably never hear about it again. If not, it will go to court. Who ordered the Gruden's Code Red will be revealed. The question is whether he'll work for the Saints or another NFL team when that happens.

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