You are in a rock-solid relationship with your mate if you have these six signs.

Relationships need years of patience and dedication. Without these two essentials, your relationship will stagnate and lose interest. There are numerous additional factors that affect your connection.

From compatibility to respectability, it characterizes a solid and healthy partnership in modern times. Whether you're in a long-term or short-term relationship, living together or apart, the key to an unbreakable link is the will to persevere and become an almost-perfect pair.

If the notion of your lover still makes your heart flutter whether you're apart for work or family events, your relationship is on track. Your affection for them shows in your constant missing, even while you're busy.

When spouses are apart, insecurities, distrust, and uncertainties grow. How sure and secure you are about your spouse determines the quality of your relationship. If you and your partner can trust each other in a crisis, you have a solid connection.

Most things change with time. However, if you and your spouse still like late-night binge viewing or adventurous tours to great sights, you have many more years to build memories.

Having the same sense of humor after dating suggests you're still pals. This tie should never be broken, even if your relationship changes. So, you two will go far.

Problems and crises aren't inevitable. However, if you and your spouse have learned to handle it jointly, your relationship is in good hands and you need not worry about your issues.

Finding time, creating surprises, and communicating whenever possible shows your solid relationship. It demonstrates your dedication to your spouse and enthusiasm for maintaining your relationship.

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